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curated consignment collection

French Horn


Muramatsu (vintage)

Hammig Professional Piccolo 650/2 - SOLD
Powell Handmade Custom S/N 4XX - SOLD
Muramatsu AD - SOLD




Trumpet / Cornet

Mt. Vernon Bach Stradivarius Trumpet

Mt. Vernon Bach Stradivarius Trumpet - SOLD

Low Brass

Bach Model 36 Stradivarius Tenor Trombone

Serving the local musician is important to us, especially when it comes to providing essential accessories to keep your woodwind, brass or stringed instrument playing great. 


Check out our list of instrument accessories:


Clarinet Reeds

Saxophone Reeds

Vandoren & Rico Royal

Cleaning Cloths

Flute Swabs

Clarinet Swabs

Saxophone Swabs

Trumpet Mutes

Valve Oil

Slide Oil

Cork Grease

Slide Grease

Bow Rosin

Instrument Maintenance Supplies

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