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Sujatha Maheshwari

flute & piano instructor

Sujatha Maheshwari is a flutist and improvisational musician who blends Eastern
and Western sounds to create lush, ethereal, ambient soundscapes. She studied
with renowned flutist Paula Robison at the New England Conservatory of Music in
the late 1990s, and was immersed in the sounds of Indian classical music from a
young age, which has greatly influenced the way she hears and relates to music.


Sujatha performs in and around the Bay Area and in May of 2024 she will be
releasing her second album of original compositions, entitled The Great Intimacy
and a music video for In the initial arising. On the album her flute & piano are
accompanied by Alexander Karvelas on sitar & oud and Jakob Pek on guitar. The
album is being produced by Chris Krotky.


Sujatha works with children & adult students as a music instructor & creative
mentor. She teaches flute, piano, improvisation, composition. Her approach
focuses on drawing out the student’s innate creativity as she guides them to
follow the flow of artistic movement. Sujatha tunes into each student’s musical
interests and passions and guides them to be able to express themselves through

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