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  • Premium, unstained exotic hardwood body in cocobolo
  • Drop-forged and hardened key work with triple-strike plating in silver
  • MoBa complex taper bore
  • MoBa sculpted undercut and overcut tone holes
  • Modular posting system
  • Carbon fibre middle joint ring
  • Solid Silver Thumb and Register Tubes


  • Automatic Low F Vent, an innovative mechanism corrects the Low F's tuning every time, without having to decide when to use an additional key
  • Inline trill keys with hardened, blue steel coil springs
  • Removable left-hand Eb key
  • Adjustable thumb rest with neck strap ring
  • Advanced adjustment screws


    • Custom black leather pads
    • Custom register pad with voicing pin


    • MoBa 66mm and 65mm Barrels
    • MoBa Bell
    • Custom BAM Trekking Single Clarinet Case

    Backun MoBa Clarinet- very lightly used

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