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Saxophone Repair

95 / hour

Overhaul: A comprehensive restoration of the saxophone, involving disassembly, cleaning, key fitting, pad replacement, adjustment, and reassembly to bring the instrument back to optimal playing condition


Pad Replacement: Removing and replacing worn or damaged pads with new ones to ensure proper sealing and response.

Key Adjustment and Regulation: Adjusting the keys, springs, and mechanisms to ensure proper alignment, action, and intonation across the instrument.

Dent Removal: Removing dents and dings from the body and keywork, improving the saxophone's appearance and playability.

Neck Repair/Replacement: Repairing or replacing the saxophone neck due to damage or for tonal adjustments.

Key Cork/Felt Replacement: Replacing worn or deteriorated cork or felt on the key mechanisms for smooth and quiet operation.

Tenon Cork Replacement: Replacing the cork on the tenons (the connecting points between sections) to ensure a secure and airtight fit.

Key Resurfacing/Refinishing: Repairing or refinishing the surface of keys to address wear, corrosion, or aesthetic concerns.

Spring Replacement: Replacing worn or damaged springs to maintain proper key tension and response.

Mechanism Realignment: Aligning and adjusting the keywork to correct any misalignment or binding issues.

Mouthpiece Refacing: Adjusting the facing curve and tip opening of the saxophone mouthpiece for optimal playability and tone.

Engraving Restoration: Restoring or touching up the instrument's engraved design for aesthetic enhancement or historical preservation.

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