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Clarinet Repair

We can perform all types of repair jobs for your clarinet, including COA's to complete overhauls. Along with basic adjustments, crack repair, tuning, mechanism repair and improvement, custom keywork and more, your clarinet is in good hands. 


The Clean, Oil, and Adjust (C.O.A.) are intended to keep your clarinet playing at its peak and to extend the time between overhauls.


  • All keys are cleaned out and oiled.

  • The body joints, bell, and barrel are thoroughly cleaned, removing dust, grease, and filth, and the wood elements are lightly oiled with bore oil accordingly.

  • Springs and tenon corks are tested and replaced if necessary.

  • Post are tightened if they are loose.

  • Any loss of motion from the key mechanism is verified and rectified.

  • The venting height is adjusted.

  • The instrument is reassembled and regulated. 

  • Pad adjustments are done.

  • The instrument is tested.


An overhaul includes all of the above, but rather than extend the life of the pads, all of the pads, corks, felts, etc are replaced. An overhaul will bring your clarinet into like new condition, but with the option for modern materials. 


We repair clarinet cracks in a variety of different ways, depending on where and how the crack has developed. However, we prefer to use carbon fiber wherever possible. 

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